Hair. I can pinpoint exactly when I fell down the rabbit hole of wonder, worry, and boundless daydreams about beautiful locks; it was my first day of kindergarten. That first day I became fast friends with Katie and Lisa both of whom had long, thick, glossy hair that that hung with a natural swing just above their waists. Fast forward to high school and it was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s long, glossy, blonde mane that captured envy and inspiration around the globe, including myself. I devoured any magazine with her enviable hair. Even though it was lightened, Bessette-Kennedy’s hair had the length and natural ease of my childhood friends. My hair icons all have these points in common: long, healthy, glossy strands. Essentially, the opposite of dry, frizzy hair.


Hair icon: CBK’s glossy locks.


Glossy, Healthy Hair – It Matters

Stylish hair icons are what beauty goals made of, but in truth, it’s healthy hair that sets the tone for a flawless, uber shiny mane. Healthy hair has a look. Healthy hair isn’t tangled or dry. Healthy hair swings with ease. No matter how icy blonde you have lightened your hair or how much biotin you take to grow it down your back, if the length and ends aren’t healthy, the work isn’t worth it. As someone who lightens her hair (hello, double process!), I know how healthy hair feels and looks so I was intrigued two weeks ago when new hair repair samples landed on my desk. It’s a new line called Nano DryFix by Research in Beauty. The three product lineup moisturizes and repairs split ends while also reducing frizz and dryness with regular use. Exactly what I need for my bleached, puffy, frizzy, and dry hair come summer. (Actually, I’ve noticed dry strands recently, and it’s still only spring.) By nature, my hair has always been quite course and frizzy and requires some extra TLC.

At Beauty Flurry we tend to focus on skincare, but with my hair obsession, I edit this category myself and with pride. Like many of you, I know what works on my hair. After years of experimenting with nearly every hair brand under the sun: niche, expensive, drugstore, etc., I try to keep my regime simple as possible. However, given the opportunity, and my endless pursuit of a glossy mane, I never shy away from trying a new line; especially if it involves a mask and targets dry hair and split ends. Nano DryFix arrived at just the right time.


Nano DryFix and Microcapsule Technology

Research in Beauty’s new Nano DryFix system immediately stood out because of its laser-focus on dry, damaged hair and split ends. Research in Beauty uses a patented Keratin Microcapsule Technology which delivers stellar results in the frizzy hair department. Essentially, microcapsule technology is a system that delivers keratin protein in a small enough size to go into the shaft and fill in the holes of damaged hair. On its own, keratin protein is too big to penetrate into the cortex of the hair.

With Research in Beauty’s patented microcapsule technology, keratin molecules are entrapped into microbeads and this is used as a vehicle to reach gaps and holes in the shaft of damaged hair. What makes this patent fascinating and sets it apart is the fact that this technology found a way to create microbeads from algae. This means the microbeads are completely natural, thus the worldwide patent. Microcapsule technology is incorporated in all three Nano DryFix products: Nano DryFix Repair Shampoo, Nano DryFix Masque, and Nano DryFix Micro Therapy Leave-In. This is a hair care company that goes beyond normal formulations.


Nano DryFix Nano Dry Fix three piece treatment. For salon and home use.


Nano DryFix System

Every summer I battle a never ending cycle of frizzy, dry hair. The first sight of humidity induces a sever case of anxiety. Even though it’s spring, I live in weather-moody Virginia where humidity peeps in and out every season; it’s not only a summer phenom. This past Saturday unfortunately delivered a humid rain, and like a throwback to ladies in 1950’s, it was my hair day. Perfect opportunity to try the Nano DryFix System. I washed my hair with the Repair shampoo, rinsed, then applied the Masque. Like most hair masks, I kept it on about ten minutes. What I noticed right away was the salon quality rinse. This isn’t a mask that rinses away with no results. Nano DryFix does exactly what it says; it fixes dry, damaged hair on contact and I felt that in the length and ends of my hair immediately when rinsing. I’m high maintenance about my color treated hair; when rinsing off a treatment, I need to feel the results immediately and Nano DryFix delivered. After the Masque I applied the Micro Therapy Leave-in and my hair felt so soft but at the same time strong and not heavy at all. It’s hair that feels pampered, moisturized, and like I just left the salon.

Personally and professionally, I prefer beauty products based on science and also results. The results of Nano DryFix System are immediate. My hair felt moisturized, but not coated with ingredients that only sit on top of each strand. The science behind the Nano DryFix line, is that micron scale capsules deliver deep and continuous nourishment to hair’s shaft. Hair products in my rotation are scant; I use only what works and I don’t like product clutter. My dry locks thank Research in Beauty for their new Nano DryFix line and patented microcapsule technology. These microcapsules, which target and revive dry hair, are a lifesaver. Just wait humid summer days, I have a new secret weapon.



Selfie Made

Loathe or find amusing, we are bombarded with selfies on social platforms; many with beautiful locks. My own love/hate relationship with selfie culture has me scrolling through endless ‘grams of people with stunning hair. I’m not a selfie person (a mirror already tells me what I look like), but if I was, I’d definitely capture a few with my most recent hair. Current hair status: it’s the perfect shade of steely blonde, nice length, and most importantly the length and ends feel restored. I have Nano DryFix and their microcapsule technology to thank for my salon quality hair. The results are immediate and because of their patented microcapsules, dry, damaged strands are targeted immediately. Whether you are like me and your hair has dry spells due to color, texture, and the weather, Nano DryFix line needs to be on your shelf. And if you want Instagram-worthy locks, the brand’s microcapsule technology definitely needs to be a part of your hair regime. You may purchase the 3 piece Nano DryFix line here: Research in Beauty



And for those wanting to delve more into Research and Beauty’s new Nano DryFix line, we posed two questions for co-founder, Massimo:

Beauty Flurry: The patented microcapsule technology made of algae is fascinating. Will you be using it in other products in the future?

Massimo: Yes, absolutely. We want to take advantage of this cutting edge technology as much as we can. We are now working on a hairspray with the same microcapsules and a curling cream as well.


Beauty Flurry: For those with thin, protein sensitive hair, how do you suggest they use the system? What about thick highlighted or bleached hair? Is it fine to use the mask simply every few weeks or perhaps just on split ends?

Massimo: If you have long, thick, highlighted, or colored hair, I would recommended to use the masque every time you wash your hair. Always followed by the leave-in Micro Therapy because the leave-in is the product with more microcapsules so you always want to use it because it can prevent further damage to the hair. That is a very important point. If you have fine hair I would recommend to use only the shampoo and the leave-in. It makes the hair stronger and of course adds a lot of shine.