Beauty Flurry is edited by a team of beauty devotees with a laser-focus on skincare products. We write about products we use and those that actually work – products that stand on their own without outside media influence. Products we mention and recommend stand for excellence and ultimately positive results, thus we want this passion for quality to extend from us to you.


We seek to unearth the finest skincare and beauty products the world has to offer, delighting in the fine details, craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients. Trying a new facial oil gives us the sort of excitement we felt on Christmas morning as children. We love discovering unique skincare brands. Sometimes a new product blows us away and sometimes it doesn’t work and that’s okay. At Beauty Flurry, we edit and review. Our editors don’t delve super deep into ingredients. There are some beauty editors who have almost scientific knowledge of each ingredient and that’s not us. We know what works for our skin and this is our platform to share these products with you.


Our editors have a proclivity for a natural look. We care more about the best SPF for the face than the best foundation or contouring kit. In fact, we don’t contour. We aren’t of the makeup world. We often leave the house without makeup and we know (and hope) there are other kindred spirits like us. If a celebrity is releasing a new makeup line, it’s not even on our radar. The world of skincare is what makes us happy. Occasionally, we will mention makeup products such as a favorite concealer or a natural blush.  Also, never feel pressured to purchase something you don’t think would work for you. Beauty Flurry advocates thoughtful and carefully considered purchases. Don’t purchase simply because it sounds good. Take a while to think about if it fits into your skincare routine.


We hope you love skincare products as much as we do!