For two decades and counting, Eve Lom’s cleansing balm is the gold standard in its category. Many consider it the best cleansing balm. There is an array of cleansing balms on the market that we love and use, but there is something about Eve Lom’s formula that keeps us coming back. It’s a beauty cabinet staple for me. Some quick pointers for those in a rush:


–  A cleansing balm that delivers spa-like results

–  Great texture. Very slight grit means it sticks well to the skin. (Some cleansing balms are too thin. Not this one.)

–  Lovely, soothing scent

–  Makes your skin glow


–  Pricey

–  Contains mineral oil. (Highest grade of the oil, but still…)

–  More time consuming than a traditional cleanser

For my skin – normal to dry, the pros outweigh the cons. But I get it, some people don’t like mineral oil and that’s understandable. If you haven’t tried a cleansing balm, you should. At first blush, it looks like a pomade or wax. However, it cleanses the skin in a way other cleansers don’t. Vogue once dubbed it the best cleanser in the world and I tend to agree. It’s also suitable for all skin types.

Eve Lom Cleanser

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Last December I sent a cleansing balm to a friend for Christmas. Since I love skincare products so much, I also like to gift them to friends and family. It’s as much fun choosing a skincare product for someone else as it is myself. She’s a very happy and communicative friend, but I didn’t hear a peep from her about the cleansing balm. I think it was a fail. If you aren’t into skincare, a cleansing balm seems odd. It doesn’t look like a normal liquid cleanser. Usually when we think of a facial cleanser, we picture something that suds with bubbles which gives an allusion to clean skin. Cleansing balms resemble pomade or wax and who in their right mind would want to slather the greasy mess over their face? You wax a wood floor, not a face. I get it. A first glance, the look of a cleansing balm probably puts most people into a small panic. Perhaps that happened to my friend.


What Does a Cleansing Balm Do?

Simply put, a cleansing balm removes impurities and dirt while also protecting the skin’s moisture balance. In the jar, a balm resembles a dense moisturizer (but it’s not) so it makes sense it helps retains moisture. A good cleansing balm does not leave your skin oily after it’s rinsed off nor does it make skin feel tight and dry. Cleansing balms do not lather and that leads many to think they don’t work. They do work, but not in the traditional sudsy manner. There is nothing wrong with suds and I rotate my cleansers depending on my skin and what’s on my face. Sometimes I like suds. However, I often find myself reaching for a cleansing balm when I double cleanse or need to remove sunscreen. I rarely wear makeup, but I do wear sunscreen. Applying a cleansing balm to the face and gently rubbing it in removes sunscreen much better than other cleansers. (Oil cleansers are also great to remove sunscreen.)


Eve Lom Cleanser


Eve Lom Cleansing Balm: The Cleanser with a Cult Following.

The cleansing balm I keep coming back to is by the infamous Eve Lom. It’s the gold standard of cleansing balms with a cult following. The buzz behind Lom’s cleanser spurred many brands to produce their own version. I purchased my first Eve Lom cleanser at Space NK in London back in the late 90’s. This particular cleansing balm launched a new category in cleansers. I like and use other balm cleansers (which I will write about here), but there is something special about this one by Eve Lom; maybe because it’s one of the first of its type to hit star status in the worlds of beauty and fashion. Eve Lom’s cleansing balm and its muslin cloth will always be a staple in my cleansing rotation.   All of the cleansing balms I use brings something exciting and unique to the table, whether it’s their texture, ingredients, and/or versatility. Peering into a jar of Eve Lom’s cleanser, one can tell it’s denser and thicker compared to other cleansing balms. It looks like a medicinal potion. Also, it doesn’t have as elegant texture as other brands and that’s one reason I love it. In fact, it sort of feels heavy and goopy. Applying it to my face, it both grabs and melts into the skin at the same time. Does that make sense? Hard to explain, but it has a small friction that makes it clean deep into the pores.


Eve Lom Cleanser


Eve Lom packs a lot of ingredients into this one cleanser and you can feel the research that went into its creation when you slather it (not with abandon) on your face. Normally, I use a cleansing balm in the shower. With two fingers, I take out a small scoop and gently rub it into my face. Sometimes I do a splash of water first. If I don’t feel as if I used enough, I apply another scoop. I massage cleansing balms with the tips of my fingers making sure to cover ever inch of my face and neck. Since I see the benefits of massaging my face, I’ll often cleanse twice. I particularly love the scent (eucalyptus oil) of this cleanser. The final step- rinse with a muslin cloth.


Mineral Oil

Elephant in the room: mineral oil is controversial. People either loathe it or feel non committal. I’m in the non committal category. There are different types and grades of mineral oil. Eve Lom cleanser contains the lightest, most purified and high-grade cosmetic mineral oil. What does mean? It shouldn’t clog pores or cause breakouts. I will state that normally I stay away from mineral oil in products, but it never bothers me in this particular cleanser. My skin is normal and sensitive at times. Eve Lom’s cleanser has never made my face red or caused acne. And for those adamant about not using mineral oil, there is good news! Eve Mom just released a new cleanser that contains no mineral oil. It’s a cross between a balm and a gel. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


The Art of the Cleansing Balm

Cleansing balms are time consuming, but so worth it for your skin. In a warm, steaming shower, they feel like a mini facial. There is an art to using a cleansing balm. It’s not something you quickly slather over your face and rinse. However, once you get used to the steps in using one, it doesn’t feel time consuming. Also, it’s worth repeating, massage is great for your face. If you have never used a cleansing balm before, don’t be scared to dive in and try one. Don’t dwell on the fact it looks different than a normal cleanser. Don’t think it will make you oilier, because it won’t. Eve Lom’s classic balm is a great place to start. Sometimes famous products don’t live up to their hype. For my skin, I do feel Eve Lom’s  hits a home run in the cleansing balm category. It’s a bit on the spendy side, but a necessary indulgence.


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