We have a recommendation for the best sunscreen for the face! Are you diligent about applying sunscreen to your face every single day? I wasn’t either until I found one that actually worked. Meaning, this sunscreen didn’t feel like a heavy mask, leave a white cast, or make my face feel it needed a good scrubbing only minutes after application. It wasn’t until I discovered Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ that I made it a daily ritual. This formula protects the skin from the sun and it’s effortless to apply. No matter how many recommended sunscreens for the face I tried, nothing clicked. They either left a white cast, contained too much alcohol, overly fragrant or emphasized dry patches. No thanks. (This quick snippet here is for those of you on-the-go. Please read below for our full review.) Hands-down, Bioderma Photoderm AR is the best sunscreen for the face.



–  Incredibly easy application

–  Does not emphasis dry patches

–  Diminishes brown spots and prevents new ones from forming **this is very important for those with wanting to      fade spots and also those with melasma**

–  Lightly tinted to minimize appearance of redness, but does not provide full coverage like makeup



–  Small tube. Only 30 ML

–  For such a small tube, expensive depending where you order

–  If you live in the US, will need to order from online from a Euro site


Bioderma Photoderm Sunscreen

Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ via CARE TO BEAUTY

Care To Beauty  is based in Portugal and has excellent reviews. (Whenever ordering overseas, we first call our credit card company and give them a heads up that it is indeed us making the purchase.)


The importance of daily sunscreen application is by now fairly common knowledge. When national evening news review sunscreens before the onset of summer beach vacations, you know it’s not some sort of beauty secret only a few privileged are in the know. Sunscreen is a universal, democratic beauty product as it should be. Sunscreen is an important product and much is written and discussed concerning why we need to protect our skin from sun damage. However, scan a popular beach during Fourth of July weekend and you still see people laying unprotected under the warming rays of the sun. I understand completely as there is something relaxing about laying under the sun. However, I’ve changed my sun habits and now enjoy ocean views under a large umbrella slathered in sunscreen. But I digress and I’m not here to chastise your sun habits, but I will make a recommendation for my favorite everyday sunscreen for the face.


Best Sunscreen for Face


I separate sunscreens into two categories: face and body and purchase different sunscreens accordingly. Those I purchase and experiment with the most are for the face. Often, facial sunscreens come in much smaller tubes and tend to be pricier than a sunscreen from the drugstore you’d use on your arms and legs. Like many, I’ve tried and like several Asian sunscreens and keep them in my rotation. As someone who has been in the skincare game for decades, I love trying new products with hopes that they work; especially sunscreens. Facial sunscreens can be tricky. Some companies use a higher level of alcohol in their conceptions while others leave a white cast. These variables play out on different skin types and skin tones. While one person may rave about a particular sunscreen that seems to disappears into their skin, another may use said brand and discover it leaves a fait white cast. When it comes to sunscreens specifically for my face, it’s trial and error. I’m a big supporter of the sunscreen bandwagon and have no problem adding a new sunscreen to my shopping cart. At the beauty counter, I’m the one who doesn’t care about makeup, but what is the latest sunscreen.



Like a glittery, not-of-this-world unicorn, Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ entered my life. AR stands for anti red as the formula is lightly tinted. It’s a sunscreen developed for sensitive skin prone to redness, but it works with all skin types. Not only did it immediately reserve a firm place in my arsenal of facial sunscreens, but it’s my favorite everyday go-to. I don’t recall exactly how I discovered this particular sunscreen, but from experience, I know a good one only through testing. I can pour over the best reviews in the world, but I have to try products that pique my interest to see if they work for my skin type. Bioderma produces a vast range of sunscreens and I’ll review several more later. (Specifically the best one you need for your face while at the beach or under intense sun.) Bioderma is a no-fuss brand and that’s important to me. They know skincare and sunscreens. Oh how I love their sunscreens. When I initially read about Bioderma Photoderm AR what leapt off the screen is that it specifically helps facial redness and hyperpigmentation, so in the digital shopping basket it went. First mention that a product helps/prevents hyperpigmention and on the bandwagon I go. In fact, I’ll drive the bandwagon. Make note this is everyday sunscreen, not vacation in the sun sunscreen. It’s my best recommendation for what to wear running errands or going to work- basically, what you should wear on a daily normal skincare routine.


Best Sunscreen Face

Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ Via CARE TO BEAUTY



Photoderm AR’s consistency reminds me of a light moisturizer and it doesn’t have a scent which is fine by me. It has a very nice slip, not too oily, not too creamy, not too gel-like, and does not leave the skin too shiny. Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ effortlessly glides across the skin without a lot of coaxing. Why does this matter? Because it’s nearly fool proof. Who has time to apply fussy sunscreen that emphasis dry, flaky skin, or needs to be patted in a certain angle to look just perfectly so at 7.30 AM when you are in a mad rush to get to get to work. No one has patience for that. Other facial sunscreens I’ve tried take babying and coaxing to settle just right on my face- too time consuming. Don’t be fooled by Photoderm’s AR tint. If you wear makeup, it doesn’t provide much coverage. It helps a little disguising small dark spots and red areas, but it’s not ‘makeup’ coverage. Although from a non makeup person, it’s perfect for my visage. But if you are a die-hard makeup guru complete with daily contouring and the like, this is not a sunscreen to substitute as a base.

You don’t squirt a glob out as you would a sunscreen for your body. Keep in mind the tube is very small and you only need several pea sizes spread around the face. I squeeze a small amount onto my ring finger and lightly spread and it into small sections of my face. I apply at least 5-6 small pea sizes across my face each morning. On and off for years I’ve dealt with hyperpigmentation. I won’t bore you with various peels I’ve done that help, but just like wackamole, sometimes a new one pops up without warning. Without a doubt Photoderm AR has helped fade and even obliterate dark spots and patches.


The Daily Strike

When you are bowling, you want a strike. The goal is for every pin to lay face down. Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ is my daily strike. It’s the bowling game that never falters, veers into the gutter, or only knocks down a few pins. It goes straight for the win. As far as I’m concerned it’s one of the top in the category of everyday sunscreens. In short, it’s truly one of the best sunscreens for the face. And such a category does exist, at least in my book, because you should be wearing sunscreen everyday. You need a daily facial sunscreen created specifically for that part of the body. If you are serious about skincare, like we are at Beauty Flurry, we understand the importance of daily sunscreen. What makes this daily habit a problem is finding one for the face that is easy to apply and a dream to wear throughout the day. Frankly, it’s shocking so few brands offer refined sunscreens for the face. Thankfully, Bioderma Photoderm AR exists and is absolute perfection. In our book, it’s the best everyday sunscreen for the face.


Best Sunscreen for Face: Bioderma photoderm AR 50+

Bioderma Photoderm AR 50+ via CARE TO BEAUTY


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